À SUPER BILHETICA TECNOLOGIA LDA -"LEBILLET INGRESSOS", tax identification number 516085115, with registered office at 128, Rua Vila do Meã, 4815-029, Conde e Gandela, is responsible for the website lebillet.pt (the “Site”) and ticket sales and related services provided through this Site.

These General Conditions of Sale (“CGV”) contain the terms of the purchase and sale of tickets via the site and all services provided through this means. They must be read carefully before the buyer completes the order.

The ticket is valid only for the event, date, time, place and seat for which it was issued. Please check the information carefully at the time of purchase. You must arrive at the event at least 30 minutes early. Store your ticket in a safe place, away from heat, avoiding folds and contact with other materials that could damage it.

The ticket contains security features and will be subject to verification at the event site. The barcode/QR code on the ticket is unique and non-repeatable, guaranteeing only one access to the event.

The production of the event reserves the right to request official photo identification from the public to access the event.

The event may be recorded, filmed or photographed by the organization. By participating in the event, the ticket holder accepts and authorizes the free use of their image for an indefinite period.

LeBillet is not responsible for the organization of the event. Issues such as pricing, promotions, date changes, refunds provided by law and any other requests related to the event are the sole responsibility of its producers and organizers.

The General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Special Conditions and the information provided during the purchase, contain all of the terms agreed between Lebillet and the buyer.

All references to consumers must be read in accordance with Law No. 24/96 of July 31 and its subsequent amendments. 1.2. Communications, customer service and complaints 1.2.1. All communications addressed to Lebillet, including complaints, must be sent to the following addresses: — Email address: [email protected] (available 24 hours a day), with a response within a maximum of 12 hours.Litigation

Consumer conflicts of low economic value are subject to mediation or compulsory arbitration when, by express choice of consumers, they are submitted to the examination of an arbitral tribunal linked to the arbitration centers for consumer conflicts. legally permitted consumption.

For the purposes of the previous paragraph, consumer conflicts of low economic value are those whose value does not exceed the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance (€5,000).

In order to facilitate the extrajudicial online resolution of consumer disputes, you can use the Online Dispute Resolution platform made available by the European Commission for this purpose.

Regardless of the alternative means of resolution available, buyers may, in any case, resort to the judicial system, in which case the parties agree that the courts of the comarca of Guimarães will have jurisdiction, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

These General Terms and Conditions, as well as the special conditions, are governed by Portuguese law.

Buying and selling tickets

Thanks to the e-commerce platform"eTicketing"owned by LEBILLET, you can make online ticket purchases for events, which are made available under the same conditions as other points of sale in the LEBILLET network, including ticket offices of performance halls and other physical locations.

To the price of tickets may be added, depending on the delivery method chosen, shipping costs, as well as Lebillet's ticketing commission.

In the event of an error due to duplication of the transaction, cancellation and full refund of the purchase are guaranteed after the customer's request. To request cancellation in these situations, please contact [email protected].


The price of tickets is indicated on the site, as well as information on each event, and at the time of order confirmation ("check-out"). The price indicated always includes the price of the ticket with VAT at the applicable legal rate.

Added to the price is a LeBillet ticketing commission. On average, this commission corresponds to 7% of the ticket value, however, this information must be confirmed (i) in the shopping cart and (ii) at the time of order confirmation.

To the price may be added postal or delivery costs, linked to shipping, depending on the methods available and chosen.

Payment methods

Payment can be made by the following systems: — Credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD); —MBWay; —MBnet; — PayPal; — Paysafe Cash; — MULTIBANCO network (payment by reference at ATMs or on your bank's website). The validation of these transactions is ensured by UNICRE/SIBS.

Payment failed

In the event of fraudulent use of cards, Lebillet cancels the transactions associated with this means of payment.

If the means of payment is not accepted within 48 hours or if the MULTIBANCO references are not paid in due time, the sale is not finalized, and the buyer must reorder, the tickets becoming available for sale.


Available delivery methods vary depending on the event. Applicable delivery methods are available at the time of purchase, and are identified for each event. This information must be confirmed (i) in the shopping cart and (ii) when finalizing the order.

Depending on the events and the date of purchase, the customer can choose, among other things, to receive the tickets by one of the following methods: — Printed ticket: (i) to be collected at the box office of the venue where the event will take place (ii) Electronic ticket: sent by e-mail, accessible via SMARTPHONE or TABLET immediately after confirmation of payment. The electronic ticket allows direct and immediate access to the same. Its use requires the presentation of the printed ticket, in file format attached to the e-mail, or its presentation via SMARTPHONE or TABLET, followed by validation at the access door (similar to the printed ticket mentioned above). above) (iii) – Receipt by WhatsApp, where the customer provides their mobile number and receives the ticket immediately after confirming the purchase.

Lebillet is not required to offer all the means of purchase mentioned in 3.1.2., being able to select, for each event, the most appropriate means, which must always be checked by the buyer before purchasing .

The ticket sent by Lebillet is always personal, but can be used by another person, valid for a single entry.

Finalizing the order ("check-out")

Before finalizing the purchase, Lebillet provides the buyer, in a clear manner, with summary information of the order, giving him the possibility of confirming the essential elements of the transaction in order to conclude it later.

Confirmation of receipt of order

After finalizing the transaction on the site (order finalization), the buyer receives a confirmation email that the transaction has been successfully completed, subject to validation of the selected payment methods.


If an error or unavailability prevents Lebillet from accepting the order, the buyer will be informed within a reasonable time, and any amount already paid will be refunded.

The order receipt confirmation message contains a link to a reserved area on the site that displays ticket and purchase details.

After ordering and confirming receipt, the buyer receives an email with information on the details necessary for receipt or collection of tickets depending on the option chosen.

The order is considered finalized once the payment method is accepted. In the event of an error, Lebillet will inform the buyer that he must redo the order.

Information concerning your purchases is recorded and kept in your personal space.

Cancellation of purchase

Lebillet may cancel the transaction and invalidate the ticket, by refunding the amount paid if: — The amount paid is incorrect, whether this is due to a price error published on this site or to any other information which you may have been communicated otherwise; — The buyer managed, by mistake, to purchase a ticket before its sale date or a ticket that was not put on sale;

Cancellation applies whether the error is due to human error or a technical failure of the site or any other operational system of Lebillet.


Change of dates

Tickets purchased for an event already scheduled can only be modified with the express agreement of Lebillet.


All sales are final, exchanges or returns are not accepted. In case of purchasing tickets with a specific scheduled date or execution period, there is no right of withdrawal.

Cancellation of events

/In the event of cancellation of the event, Lebillet undertakes to refund the amount paid for the tickets, with the exception of shipping costs and the ticketing commission.

The refund process will be carried out on the payment method used during the purchase. If necessary, Lebillet will request the NIB/IBAN to finalize the reimbursement.

If the show is postponed, tickets remain valid for the new date.

If the buyer does not wish to use the tickets for the new date and requests a refund of the amount of the tickets, this will be made in accordance with clause 5.3.2. and within 30 days after the date planned for the event to take place.


Lebillet reserves the right to modify the content of the site at any time and without notice, in particular with regard to services, commercial conditions, delivery methods, payment, etc.

Site users must not place fraudulent orders.

The total or partial copy of the site, including any content or digital format, is prohibited without the prior written authorization of Lebillet.

In the event of misuse of the site, Lebillet may cancel the user's registration, cancel orders, as well as any other type of user content.